miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011


This June 5th we celebrated the World Environment Day 2009. From The Green Blog, not only explained the origin of this global celebration but also talked about the need for awareness of the problem. To do this, it becomes imperative that we know how to care for the environment.

Of course, the fact that protecting the environment can not only be done from the environmentalist position but also can contribute from the field of renewable energy. So earlier this month talked about to start thinking about renewable holiday, as we approach, we could harness them to relax, breathe fresh air and visit wind farms. Another form of contribution that we discussed was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and consume as little energy as possible.

Human beings of all countries on the planet can do something to save our environment. Of course there are many people that every day we wonder how we should care. Not surprisingly, the conclusion of this World Day, which last year took place in New Zealand, took as its theme "No to the dependence-Towards a low carbon economy. " And in 2009, the celebration that took place in Mexico with the theme: "Your planet needs you, let us unite against climate change."

my efforts

*daily study
*Go to the bank
*Go to the doctor
*Go to the dentist
bathe my dog
food shopping

In the picture of the bank the robber is commiting a crime, he is tañking the money and running. After that the police man is wating some questions to the crimined about the crime, them the robber is wating a confession, he broke the low and finally the police man is arresting him and the crime was solved.


A thread on the forehead to remove the hiccups
It is traditional to newborns and infants who have presented bloating and hiccups by irritating the diaphragm, the mothers put their wet thread stuck on the central region of the child's forehead.


He was a bull grazing in the pasture and got a fly cojonera of these starting to settle giving boring. The fact is that he landed the bull in the bum and he's scared with their tails. The fly flew away and returned to sit in the bum. The bull turned to shake his tail, so that the fly flew and landed this time a little further forward, on the side of the bull. The bull made an effort and again reached the fly with its tail.

The fly, which was 'fly' out of the corner then landed on the bull's nose, where it could not get out of the corner ... Suddenly the bull out his tongue and glupp! is fly pape ...

* MORAL *: What can not the tail end, finish it with her tongue.


The singer Michael Jackson died on june 25, 2009 in his rented mansion in los angeles california. His personal doctor, hired for the tour ´´this is it´´ corad murray said he saw Michael in bed, not breathing and with a weak pulse, his attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. It was a possibility that his death had occurred an hour after an injection pf meperidine, an analgesic which the singer was addicted in the past although the doctor acknowledged being injected with propofol, a strong anestthetic should be administered whith monitoeing equipment and asquate resusciration, which murray did not have.